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Our Paralegal Service 

Our paralegal service line is a cost effective solution that helps you increase productivity and deliver better results.

With 10 years of experience in providing the best-in-class legal talent, you can rest assured that Obelisk paralegals are carefully selected for their previous experience, proactive attitude and commitment.

Our paralegals live our values of #humanfirst and they bring a sense of curiosity, creativity and common sense to the legal tasks that you ask of them.




Clients are using us today to help with: 

  • reviewing, amending and drafting contracts
  • regulatory investigation 
  • document review
  • legal research
  • compliance tasks
  • triaging legal workflow 
  • managing WIP tracking 
  • drafting documents and creating templates
  • legal team administration



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Meet Our Paralegals

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I'm an LLB Law graduate, working towards dual qualification in New York and the United Kingdom. As an Obelisk Legal Consultant I have been working with a renowned Lloyds Insurer. I offer paralegal support in the Broker Onboarding Team which entails reviewing pre–Brexit Broker contracts and amending Terms of Business Agreement clauses relating to client money permissions, regulatory requirements, choice of law and jurisdiction. My technical responsibilities include investigation of regulatory issues and sanction concerns surrounding broker applications. The role is predicated on liaising with colleagues in various departments therefore, effective communication is key to ensuring provision of competent service. 

Charity Mafuba
Charity Mafuba
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I am an LLB Law graduate equipped with an international regulatory compliance qualification (ICA – International Advanced Certificate) and a specialisation in international contracts (Post-Graduate Certificate in International Trade Law). As an Obelisk Legal Consultant, I assist Clients with a variety of legal matters, predominantly involving domestic and international contracts. Part of my role is reviewing, drafting, negotiating and amending contracts, both in English and Italian, terms and conditions relating to different services in the industry, Power of Attorney, NDAs, license agreements, etc.. I ensure that all contracts fully comply with applicable laws and the Client’s internal policies. I work remotely for Clients which are based in other cities or in other countries but nevertheless they trust us to deliver first class work in line with their needs. 

Daniela Meloni
Daniela Meloni

Building mixed ability teams to suit our client needs



Mixed ability teams allow for the exchange of different ideas, the leveraging of different and often complementary skills, as well as the opportunity to learn from and nurture talent all round.

By combining paralegal and lawyer talent we’re able to create a team of diverse, flexible and responsive legal minds that responds to your exact needs whilst reducing your costs.

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